Our All Time Favorite Volleyball Scenes From Movies and Television

Our All Time Favorite Volleyball Scenes From Movies and Television


Top Gun

Fighter pilots might not be the first thing you’d expect to be paired with volleyball, but Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Top Gun” proves that it’s the combination we always needed. Tom Cruise’s rigid intensity in the cockpit transfers over to the beach volleyball court as he sends the ball sailing over the net to his unsuspecting opponents. Maverick and Goose (portrayed by Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards respectively) face their long-standing adversaries, Iceman and Slider. The sequence has little to no real content contributing to the plot, nonetheless it proves to be one of the most iconic volleyball scenes of all time. The scene seems to exist simply to give the viewers a break between dive-bombing fighter jets and the seriously corny shots of Maverick and his off-limits lover, Charlie. If that was the goal, the producers accomplished it flawlessly, landing the sequence in the hall of fame of volleyball scenes. The only question we have is why on earth Tom Cruise thought it was a good idea to wear denim jeans to play beach volleyball.


Meet the Parents

Though not a film dedicated to the sport, “Meet the Parents” includes a volleyball scene you simply can’t miss. Greg Focker, depicted by the hilariously dry Ben Stiller, speedo clad to his own chagrin, tries desperately to impress his soon-to-be in-laws through his meager volleyball skills. What should have been a friendly game of pool volleyball, turns to war as Greg becomes increasingly annoyed at his opponents, one of whom happens to be the overly confident and obnoxious ex-boyfriend of his own fiancée, Pam. Focker makes his absolute lack of hand-eye coordination obvious to his teammates and his opponents, yet manages to get in a single epic spike. Unfortunately, the ball lands a little too hard on Pam’s sister’s face whose wedding is at the end of the week. The game is cut short, leaving the whole gang infuriated with Greg and the future bride with a bloodied nose and black eye. Though not a great show of volleyball skills, the scene highlights the inevitable pitfalls of playing the game with inexperienced teammates.


The Office

To make a television show truly great, at some point during airing, there must be an epic volleyball scene. NBC’s “The Office” pulls this off impeccably in the episode “Company Picnic.” Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch faces the rest of the paper company’s divisions in a tournament to determine the ultimate volleyball champions. Scranton successfully and brutally takes down each division until they meet their final rivals: the corporate branch. After news leaks of corporate’s decision to close the Buffalo branch, all Dunder Mifflin employees conclude that the only true way to get retribution for Buffalo is to defeat corporate in the final round. It is all up to Scranton, and losing is not an option. Any volleyball player will be able to relate to the intense competition and pressure to succeed. It is a volleyball scene for the ages and not one to be missed.


Bonus: Castaway

A list of volleyball features to come out of Hollywood would not be complete without mention of one legend in particular: Wilson from “Cast Away.” Wilson displays impeccable acting skills, portraying the most believable volleyball we have yet to see onscreen.

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