Picking out your Volleyball Shoes

What to Look for When Picking Out Your Volleyball Shoes


When playing any sport, it’s necessary to have the proper equipment in order to play your very best and avoid sports-related injuries. Since volleyball typically involves explosive movement – whether that be blocking or jumping to spike down on the ball -- shoes that provide support are very important. Choosing the best shoes to wear on the court can be a difficult task, as there are so many options to choose from. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding which shoes are right for you.


  1. Heel height

It’s best to pick a shoe that doesn’t have a high heel because wearing shoes with higher heels can mean a greater risk of rolling your ankle, thus leading to an ankle injury. Since volleyball is a sport that involves a lot of jumping, choose one with a lower heel to reduce the likeliness of ankle injury.

  1. Sole/Traction

Paying attention to shoe traction is key when picking out your volleyball shoes. You need a shoe that has good traction so that you can easily move around the court, so a rubber gum sole is the way to go. A rubber gum sole not only allows you to move side-to-side on the court, but the padding it provides helps with shock absorption when landing from a jump. When playing volleyball, you want to make swift movements with solid footing, and a shoe with a rubber gum sole will help you do just that without sliding across the floor. 

  1. Mid-sole/Cushioning

Although a rubber gum sole can help with shock absorption, a good cushioning inside the shoe can also help reduce shock, which decreases the likelihood of putting stress on your joints. You want the midsole to be strong, yet have the flexibility necessary to easily move around. In order to swiftly move from side to side, volleyball players typically stand on the balls of their feet while on the court. Because players are usually in this stance, having a solid mid-sole is crucial to maintain stability.


If you are a volleyball player who is committed to the sport, you will find that investing in a well-made, higher-end volleyball shoe is well worth the price. Picking a volleyball shoe that meets all the factors listed above will most definitely help when it comes to how well you play. We recommend that you wear your volleyball shoes for use on the volleyball court and not off the court. This is because surfaces off the court are likely to wear down the gum rubber sole of the shoe more quickly. Either way, if you wear your shoes to each practice and game, it’s best to purchase a new pair of volleyball shoes after every season. Otherwise, your shoe will begin to lose its traction and the mid-sole that supports the ankles will become weaker.



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